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St. Joseph's Hall


Classes are held in St, Joseph’s Parish Hall, Blessington, on Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm and on Saturdays 10:30am to 11:30pm. Beginners welcome anytime

Detailed Description

Blessington Taekwon- Do Club hold classes on Wednesday 8pm to 9pm and on Saturdays 10:30am to 11:30pm. The Taekwon-do Classes are held in Blessington St, Joseph’s Parish Hall.

Taekwon-do, or the "art of hand and Foot" is a Korean martial art which utilises scientifically devised hand and foot techniques to provide a unique system of unarmed self defence.

As well as the self-defence, Taekwon-Do also promotes well being and general health.  The Taekwon-do training helps to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body. The low resistance high repetition movements develop a leaner, longer and more flexible musculature. 

The training serves as an invaluable tool for co-ordination, for improving flexibility, sharpening reflexes and controlling weight as well as increasing cardiovascular fitness.  Since the body sets it’s own limits the risks of injuries and strains are rare.  During a session the entire muscle system from the fingers to the toes in the body will be engaged.

Taekwon-Do training provides the student with an excellent method of self-defence.  It enables the student to defend themselves against an attacker at close range as well as from a distance.  Some practising Taekwon-Do can prevent an attacker from striking or grabbing them by using the many kicking techniques available. If the attacker is able to grab them at a close range then there are a variety of close range techniques, which include releases, joint locks, pressure points, throws, and takedowns that the student can use.

Therefore, a well-trained student will feel prepared to defend himself or herself and confident in any situation.

The philosophy of the art of Taekwon-Do can be summed up by the 5 tenets:

1. Courtesy

2. Integrity

3. Perseverance

4. Self Control

5. Indomitable Spirit

Taekwon-Do classes in Blessington are not only great fun and it’s an extremely enjoyable activity, and a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Whether your reasons for learning are for self-defence, physical fitness, stress release, or for pure enjoyment, our instructors will provide you with the best possible guidance and training.




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